Spider-Man PS4 update adds two new Fantastic Four-themed costumes

A new update has gone live for Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PS4, and it has given our beloved webslinger two new costumes inspired by his various crossovers with the Fantastic Four.

The first of these new suits is the Bombastic Bag Man Suit, which is inspired by the Fantastic Four’s appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #258 where they helped Spider-Man remove an alien symbiote that Spidey was wearing as a costume. Costume-less (and probably very bloody cold), Spider-Man borrowed a Fantastic Four costume, but the lack of a mask left his identity at risk of being revealed, so the Human Torch gave Spider-Man a grocery bag to wear on his head. No, honestly, that’s what happened, check out the costume below:

The second new costume is called the Future Foundation Suit, which comes directly from when Spider-Man actually joined forces with the Fantastic Four. They called themselves the Future Foundation and they all wore badass white and black costumes that look cool as hell. Check it out:

It’s nice to see the Fantastic Four getting a bit of love and attention in Marvel’s Spider-Man, as they have become something lesser-thought superheroes in recent years, thanks largely to a string of dreadful live action films. The Fantastic Four play a very prominent role in Marvel’s history, having the accolade of being the first superhero team ever created by Stan Lee when they were introduced way back in 1961.

These costumes are available to players immediately after downloading the 1.14 update, which is now live. I predict that a lot of people will be equipping the Future Foundation Suit immediately so that they can swing around NYC looking unbelievably cool. It’s certainly cooler than swinging around with a bag on your head.



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