Seth is coming to Street Fighter V: Champion Edition

Seth is coming to Street Fighter V: Champion Edition when it launches in February 2020.

The boss character from Street Fighter IV was announced in a reveal trailer released by Capcom earlier today, which shows off Seth fighting in both a feminine and masculine form, indicating that you’ll be able to choose which form of Seth you want to do battle as. As was the case before, Seth is still a “master move mimicker” who “constantly seeks new data from the fiercest fighters in the world”, which basically means that he can steal his opponents moves. Seth also has a number of unique abilities such as Tanden Ignition, Tanden Engine, and Tanden Maneuver, and there will also be four costumes to choose from, namely Summer, Nostalgia, Story, and Battle. The Nostalgia costume makes him look like a pissed off Dr. Manhattan. Check out the trailer below.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition bundles together everything released for Street Fighter V so far, including 40 characters, 34 stages, and over 200 costumes, as well as all gameplay modes and features. It will be available on both PS4 and PC for £24.99/$29.99, or anybody who already owns Street Fighter V can buy the upgrade kit for £19.99/$24.99.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition launches on Friday 14th February, which just so happens to be Valentines Day! Lock the door, light some candles, have a nice meal, then beat each other up on Street Fighter V. What a perfect night.



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