Forsaken Shores

Sea of Thieves Third Major Content Update ‘Forsaken Shores’ has a Release Date

Sea of Thieves, probably one of the most beautiful yet disappointing games I have ever played. The reason it was so disappointing for me was the lack of content, however, we’ve seen a few content updates since release and they’re back with another one which will be releasing on September 19th.

The upcoming update will be called ‘Forsaken Shores’ and the update will include:

  • A new area to explore – ‘Devils Roar’ is a new area on the map where the seas are even more dangerous with volcanic activity, geysers and falling rocks. The sea isn’t even safe to swim in during volcanic activity since the water becomes superheated. However the addition of row boats and caves will help you get your hard earned loot back to your ship.
  • New quest at the merchant alliance – this quest will entail delivering cargo around the map, unlike the current merchant alliance quest which sends you round the map looking for specific loot. The cargo you are tasked with delivering will change and each load of cargo has different requirements, for example if you’re tasked with transporting cargo you will have to keep the ship steady as it’s very delicate.
  • Highlight your position – The new ‘Reaper’s Mark flags’ will allow you to mark your location on other players maps, this can be used to find fellow pirates to group up with to take on the forts or alternatively you can summon other players for a fight which sounds a bit more fun to us.

This will be Sea of Thieves third large content addition since launch and it’s great to see more content added to the game. However, we still don’t think it’s enough, a few hours of playing and you’ve seen it all especially if you’re returning to the game after buying it at launch – we feel like Sea of Thieves will be similar to No Man’s Sky – it will only be ‘great’ after a few years of content updates.



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