Sea of Thieves’ Seabound Soul update is now live

Last week Rare treated fans to a first look at their latest Monthly Content Update for Sea of Thieves, titled The Seabound Soul. Well, the wait was short and Seabound Soul is live now, adding a brand-new story mission, limited-time voyages, flammable ships, and a whole load more.

You can check out the official trailer below:

The Tall Tales series launched alongside the Anniversary Edition of the game earlier in the year. A brand new Tale will release with the Seabound Soul Update, focusing on a legendary ship called the Ashen Dragon. Here’s what’s to expect from this new Tale:

Tall Tales: The Seabound Soul – The crumbling remains of a once-proud Galleon, the Blackwyche, gave Shipwreck Bay its name. Now a ghostly voice calls out from the wreckage. Journey to Shipwreck Bay and seek the captain’s journal in the heart of the Blackwyche to uncover a secret history of binding and betrayal.

The Seabound Soul Commendations – New Commendations have been added cataloguing players’ progress through the latest Tall Tale. These can be found in a new ‘Tall Tales’ section of the Reputation page. By progressing through these Commendations, players can earn new rewards: Pendragon’s Sword of Souls and the Ashen Dragon Sails.

The Seabound Soul Achievements – New Xbox achievements can be unlocked by progressing through The Seabound Soul in-game Commendations. A total of 40 gamerscore is available to earn from this update, and these achievements will remain in the game indefinitely.

Key Seeker Voyages, as well as a Legendary Ashen Guardian Lure Voyage, will be available for a limited-time for the duration of The Seabound Soul update, with a range of Mercenary Commendations becoming available to unlock for anyone participating in these new voyages. Ashen Skeleton Ship Battles have been included, with these becoming a permanent addition to the world.

The much-requested fire feature is also heading to the game. This comes in the form of the new Firebombs. This new item can be found in barrels and loaded into cannons or simply thrown. Fire can also be started by detonating Gunpowder Keg, in accidents while cooking, or even due to adverse weather conditions such as lightning.

For a more detailed look at everything that’s included in the Seabound Soul Update (there’s quite a lot) check out the Seabound Souls Update page here. 



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