Play Later feature for Xbox Game Pass included in new update

The Xbox Game Pass subscription service now has over 200 games included in it, with more games being added every month. Games aren’t the only thing being added to improve the service, however, as Microsoft’s new Play Later features proves.

The new Play Later feature can be found in the Xbox Game Pass section of your consoles desktop or on the Xbox mobile app. The feature is essentially a wish list for games that you want to play, but haven’t quite found the time for.

Microsoft had this to say:

“Xbox Game Pass offers a curated library of over 100 high-quality games on PC and console, available to download and play at full fidelity for one low-monthly price. Today, we’re rolling a new way to manage your Xbox Game Pass collection. Play later enables you to make a list of games from the Xbox Game Pass catalog for you to come back to on your time, making it even easier to find your next game.”  

Also included in Xbox One’s July update will be improvements to Alexa commands for Xbox. These improvements will allow users to browse their Game Pass library using voice.

“Have you always wanted to be able to use your voice to find out the latest games in Xbox Game Pass? Good news, so have we!

The July 2019 Xbox Update introduces the ability to find out what’s new to Xbox Game Pass, what the popular games are, what’s leaving the catalog, and more; simply by asking Alexa.”  continued Microsoft.

Why not try out the new voice commands and Play Later feature with one of the new July additions to the Game Pass library?

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, My Time at Portia, and Undertale have all recently been added, with Blazing Chrome, Lego City Undercover, Dead Rising 4 and Unavowed dropping on 11th July.



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