Overwatch will reportedly launch on Nintendo Switch next month

Nintendo is holding a Nintendo Direct livestream later tonight, but one of the big announcements has seemingly leaked ahead of schedule – Overwatch will release for Nintendo Switch next month.

Overwatch for Nintendo Switch has been strongly rumoured and requested for a while now, but a retailers release date list showed up on Resetera earlier today showing Overwatch for Nintendo Switch as releasing on Friday 18th October. Admittedly, the piece of paper looks like something that I could type up on Microsoft Word in ten minutes to get tongues wagging, but the leak has seemingly been confirmed since then by sources of both Kotaku and Eurogamer, so it would appear that it’s legit.

We’ve always thought that Overwatch seems like a perfect fit for Nintendo’s console, although Blizzard have voiced concerns about how well they could get the game running on the machine. With this leak it would appear that Blizzard has managed to pull it off and that Overwatch will find its home on another platform in the very near future.

Overwatch first released for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on Tuesday 24th May 2016, and the team-based shooter quickly, and rightfully, took the world by storm. It has since been updated with a number of new maps and heroes, although we have been quite vocal with our disappointment at the slow deployment of new content and Blizzard’s over-reliance on recycling the same seasonal events every year. The games popularity has somewhat waned in recent times, but a Nintendo Switch release could introduce it to a whole new group of gamers and give it a second wind.

Expect to hear an official word from Nintendo during tonight’s Nintendo Direct livestream, which you’ll be able to watch here at 11pm UK time.

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