Morrowind is free today to celebrate 25 years of The Elder Scrolls

In celebration of 25 years of The Elder Scrolls series, Bethesda are giving away The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind for free and offering big discounts on other Elder Scrolls titles.

“On March 25, 1994, Bethesda Game Studios invited players to embark on a journey to the fantastical world of Tamriel.
25 years later, we still walk the path of The Elder Scrolls – now joined by tens of millions of incredible fans like you.
This week, we invite you to join us in celebrating the 25th Anniversary of The Elder Scrolls and the community that has made Tamriel their home with a whole quest log’s worth of special gifts, sales and more!”

Time certainly flies when you’re having fun, and I had to look twice when I saw the quarter-century celebration. Morrowind was in fact my first taste of the Elder Scrolls series way back in 2002 on my original Xbox, and traversing the overly-brown landscape remains one of my all time gaming highlights, so its fitting for me that Morrowind is today’s free game.

If you want to add this classic title to your collection then be quick about it, the anniversary offer is for today only. To obtain the game you will need a account and their launcher, which seems easy enough, yet at the time of writing I have attempted to login to my account with little success. Bethesda is aware of the issue, so lets hope they decide to extend the offer for a little longer.

As well as Morrowind, gamers can also play The Elder Scrolls Online for free between March 28th and April 3rd, with the Elsweyr Prologue also available today for all players for free.

Other notable offers include freebies for The Elder Scrolls Legends, where a new 25th Anniversary card back and three card packs will be available to all players who log in. Fans of Skyrim haven’t been forgotten either – if you own the Special Edition then log in today and receive a Nordic Jewelry Creation for free.

For all of these offers and many more discounts, check out the 25 years of The Elder Scrolls page here 



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