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L-STAR LMG and more weapon changes heading to Apex Legends in July

New details regarding Apex Legends’ new light machine gun (LMG) which we heard about during EA Play have been released.

We now know that the new gun will launch at the start of season 2 which is due to begin on Tuesday 2nd July, and that the “L-STAR is going to be pretty rare” and will only be found in supply drops, according to Respawn. Respawn also revealed the L-STAR is going to provide heavy damage at a cost of a slower projectile speed, which means you’ll be sacrificing speed for damage so that you “don’t have to aim quite as precisely to get good effect on target”. As well as sacrificing speed, the weapon will also feature an overheat mechanic which will render the weapon useless for a small period of time should you hold the trigger for too long, so when Respawn say “heavy damage” they must be being serious, as these are some pretty hefty nerfs to have on a gun.

As well as the L-STAR news, Respawn also said that new weapon buffs for the Flatline, P2020, Alternator, and Triple Take are on the way, all of which aim to make the weapons more viable. However, specific details of these buffs and won’t be announced until season 2 starts in July.

There’s also a couple of new attachments on the way for the P2020, Mozambiqu, RE-45, and Alternator which again are technically buffs. The P2020 attachment is Hammerpoint Rounds which will enable the gun to inflict more damage on enemies that don’t have shields; this attachment can also be equipped to the Mozambique, and Respawn hopes this will mean “players sometimes carry them unironically into endgame situations”. The second attachment is Disruptor Rounds which will fit the Alternator and RE-45, and unlike the Hammerpoint Rounds this attachment will allow players to deal more damage to shielded enemies. There’s also one more attachment inbound which is an ‘Energy Mag’, this can be fitted to all energy weapons and will allow Energy weapons to carry more ammo as well as reload faster (if you have the level 2 mag or higher).

There’s a bunch of other smaller changes coming in season two as well, which include:

  • Arc Stars will do more damage to stuck players but less AOE damage
  • New golden weapons which will spawn in the hot drop locations
  • Shotgun ammo stacks being reduced from 64 down to just 16 while Energy ammo stacks are increasing to 80 from 60
  • Airdropped weapons will change depending on the game stage, early airdrops are more likely to spawn long range weapons (Kraber) and late game air drops will be more likely to spawn short range weapons such as the Mastiff shotgun

There’s a few other changes coming too, which you can read about on the official Apex Legends website. As mentioned previously, these changes are all due to be released at the start of season 2 on Tuesday 2nd July. However, it’s possible some of these changes will be reverted or changed further prior to launch. Oh, and by the way, if you’re struggling to win games then be sure to check out our Apex Legends guide on how to win more



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