Just Cause 4 was just added to the Game Pass

The Xbox Game Pass just keeps getting better. Not only are more games getting added all of the time, but the games seem to be getting newer, with the addition today of Just Cause 4 which was released only three months ago.

Just Cause 4 itself was met with a mixed reception from critics and gamers alike, with some saying that not enough had changed for it to be worthy of a new title, but if you were a fan of Just Cause 3 then you’ll no doubt find a lot of enjoyment here – even if you’re just on the look out for some mindless carnage, especially considering you don’t have to fork out £40+ for the game.

As well as Just Cause 4, Lego Batman 2—which was a great game back in 2012—will also be joining the fray later today, but it’s probably showing signs of age now.

Further into the month we have F1 2018 being added on Thursday 14th March, alongside the return of Fallout 4 which was removed from the Game Pass at the end of last year, most likely due to the release of Fallout 76 which obviously didn’t turn out how they wanted it to – at least we’ll be able to play a decent Fallout game through the service.

There are around 200 games available on the Game Pass now which is a staggering amount considering it only costs £7.99 a month (less if you purchase keys from eBay). Sure, a lot of these games won’t be worth the time of day, but for the handful that are it’s a bargain.






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