Infinity Blade, map change and more added to Fortnite in the V7.01 update

It’s another week and another round of patches and additions to the increasingly popular battle royale game Fortnite, and this week sees the addition of a new weapon in the form of the Infinity Blade and a map update as well as a few minor fixes.

I’m going to start with the Infinity Blade, as this is arguably one of the coolest weapons the game has ever had. It looks awesome and will serve up an impressive 75 damage to other players as well as instantly destroying enemy buildings, which should keep those pesky builders at bay. The alternate fire of the sword will see you leap great distances and destroy any structures in your path, as well as delivering 25 damage and knocking back any foe unlucky enough to be at the spot that you land.

The weapon will also increase the maximum health and shield pool for the bearer (200 Health/200 Shields), regenerate health over time (1 HP per second), provide the user with 50 HP instantly when downing an enemy and, to make it easier to approach targets, you’ll also get a speed increase (increased to 130%).

So the weapon sounds a bit OP, but there’s a catch; there will only be one Infinity Blade on the map, and when you pick up the sword all other inventory items aside from building materials will be dropped.

The Infinity Blade can be found at Polar Peaks, which leads us onto the map update; you may have noticed the tip of a castle poking out of the snow after the last V7 patch, well now it’s a fully fledged castle with the Infinity Blade in the center, waiting for the rightful king to pull it from the stone – that sounds familiar.

As well as the additional benefits that you gain while wielding the weapon, you will also be rewarded with full Health and Shields if you are the one who pulls the sword from the stone (you will not gain full health and shields if you pick it up off a downed player) – this is most likely due to the fact that half of the players in any one game will be dropping at Polar Peaks, so if you are lucky enough to get the Infinity Sword first then you’ll most likely have little health.

The V7.1 update also brings with it a new limited-time game mode called ‘Close Encounters’. The new mode will see players fight it out using only shotguns (various variations). In this limited time mode the storm will move faster in the mid to late game, which in turn reduces the time of each game, with each game lasting just 15 minutes on average. This is great news for people who don’t have time to play a full game, but if you’re as bad as me then any game mode ends in less than 15 minutes, so this doesn’t really matter.

As well as the points listed above, there are a few minor changes and bug fixes which are listed below:


  • X-4 Stormwing
    • When a plane is shot down, the driver and all passengers of that plane will now take 25 damage from the explosion.

Bug Fixes

  • Speculative fix for players moving after being eliminated.
  • Fixed players being ejected from vehicles if they lost the icy feet effect.



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