House of the Dead 1 & 2 remakes have been officially confirmed

Everybody’s favourite arcade games are officially making a return, as confirmed by the publishers Forever Entertainment. The two games are being ‘remastered’ and brought to “modern platforms”. The company heading up the development of the games is MegaPixel Studio who, although they haven’t had any stand-out successes, have released a slew of well made games.

The news of the remakes first broke last month when the website ‘Graczpospolita’ suggested Forever Entertainment had agreed a deal with Sega to bring ‘enhanced’ versions of the games to the current generation of platforms, and since the original leak there had been no word from either Sega or Forever Entertainment. That is, until today, when Forever Entertainment confirmed the news in a tweet:

As you can see, the details are still vague with no mention of a release date or even the platforms they will be releasing on, but it’s probably safe to assume they will be releasing on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and I would be very surprised if they didn’t make their way to the Switch as well.

The original games released way back in 1996 and 1998 respectively, and according to the original leak of the news the remastered versions won’t only bring ‘new graphics’ but will also introduce ‘slightly modified gameplay’. We’re also hoping there will be some new content for us to sink our teeth into (no pun intended), as I personally found the original games a bit too short.

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