It’s God of War’s anniversary, and to celebrate you can get some free goodies

The revered game God of War turns one this week, and to celebrate PS4 owners are being blessed with some free goodies. Now, don’t get too excited, because these freebies aren’t all that, but they’re free, so we can’t complain.

As of now you can download a God of War dynamic theme for your PlayStation 4, which shows Kratos and Boy Atreus having fun on the boat on the Lake of Nine. You can download this theme in exactly the same way that you download other themes on the PlayStation store, and on Wednesday of this week (April 17th) you’ll be able to get your hands on the God of War avatar set. The PS4 theme looks like this:

It’s so pretty

The hilariously-named Santa Monica Studio boss, Shannon Studstill, had the following to say to fans, presumably from a stationary position:

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for embracing the new God of War and for helping Santa Monica Studio rise up to a new beginning as well,”

“From our whole team to you, that has meant everything to us. Now, we have a long journey ahead.”

During the BAFTA Game Awards earlier in the month, God of War picked up 5 trophies including Best Game, as well as awards for the games Music, Narrative, and Audio, and Jeremy Davies picked up the best performer award for his role as The Stranger. What a game.

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