Ghost Recon: Wildlands gets a new Special Operation next week

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is getting it’s final update of Year 2 of the game next week, Ubisoft has announced.

The update is titled Special Operation 4, and it will launch on all platforms on Wednesday 27th February, adding content for both PvE and PvP players.

In a blog post outlining the update, Ubisoft were relatively tight-lipped on specific details, but they did confirm that the game would be getting a new PvE mode that will “test your endurance”, rewarding players who complete it for the first time with an outfit set. There’s also a new class joining the Ghost War PvP aspect of the game, which Year 2 Pass holders will have instant access to for one week, and two new maps will also be introduced. Year 2 Pass holders will also be getting a free pack containing customization items and a weapon.

There are also a number of community-requested features being introduced with the update, such as the ability to change the Time of Day in solo campaign mode and solo Ghost Mode. All voice lines and a selection of emotes are being moved from Battle Crates to Prestige Crates, who’s drop rates are being modified to give away higher rarity items more frequently.

Aside from this, a Custom Match Browser will be added that will allow you to create and browse custom matches, challenges are moving from Challenge Seasons to Daily Challenges and having their Prestige Credit rewards increased, and two new PvP Events are being added to the pool.

As I said, exact details on the major content that’s been added is scarce, but Ubisoft is promising to give us more “intel” soon. I’ll keep you updated as and when those details become available.



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