Gears 5 horde mode revealed

Gears 5’s five-player co-op horde mode has been revealed.

As you’ll notice if you watch the trailer (available below), the standout new addition for this incarnation of the mode is that each character will have an ultimate ability.

JD can call in an Airstrike which will rain down missiles on an enemy, Fahz has an X-Ray ability which allows him to see the outline of enemies through walls, and Kait can use her Cloak to go invisible and sneak up on enemies. You can also play as Jack (the helpful hovering bot) if you’d rather float around the battlefield helping your allies rather than fighting enemies, and his ultimate is called Hi-Jack, which allows him to take control of an enemy. The Coalition are planning to add new characters with their own unique ultimate abilities to the game throughout the months following launch, which should shift the meta and keep the mode feeling somewhat fresh.

Also new will be “taps”, which are energy geysers that appear at different locations around the map on every 10th wave. Players will need to capture these taps to progress, which is designed to prevent teams from camping together in one location for the entire game, you big bunch of campers you. You’ll also be able to upgrade your characters perks and abilities during the course of the game.

You’ll also notice at the end of the trailer that there will be a Halo: Reach character pack for Gears 5, which will allow players to play as Emile and Kat across a range of modes, and they will also have their own distinct ultimate in Horde mode. The character pack will also give you access to a Noble Team Jack Skin, a Noble Team banner, Noble Team Blood Spray, and a Noble Team Mark. To gain access to the pack you’ll need to purchase the Gears 5 Ultimate Edition or access it through an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Gears 5 will launch for PC and Xbox One on Tuesday 10th September, but anybody accessing it through a Game Pass Ultimate subscription will get access on Friday 6th September.

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