Fortnite Update 9.30 is now live

Fortnite continues to receive weekly updates from Epic, designed to keep the game constantly feeling fresh. New update version 9.30 is live now on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

Update 9.30 has added a new item called the Chug Splash. This is a throwable item that heals players in the area of impact.  Think of the Chug Splash as AOE healing for everyone, as not only will it heal the user and their teammates, but it will also heal enemies too. Players within the splash area will instantly gain 20 health/shield depending on what’s needed; if injured, you gain the 20 health, while players at full health will gain 20 shield. The Chug Splash can also be used to extend the duration of a players knocked state, which is useful for keeping a team mate alive for a little longer without exposing yourself.

Chug Splash can be picked up in stacks of two, up to a maximum of six. You can expect to find them littered all over the map, dropping as a rare item from floor loot, chests, supply drops, vending machines, and llamas.

Elsewhere on the item side of things, explosives have taken a hit this week with the Boom Bow, Dynamite, and Dual Pistols all being vaulted. Shotguns have been nerfed slightly too with the Combat Shotguns ranged damage being reduced, but the delay when switching to them has been removed unless you have more than one shotgun in your inventory.

Limited time mode rotations see Sniper Shoot Duos, Trios, and Solid Gold Squads added. In Sniper Duos players will battle it out with Sniper Rifles only, so this is definitely not a mode for those with a potato aim. Trios sees three-person squads battle it out under Classic Battle Royale condition, while Solid Gold Squads has players fighting with nothing but legendary weapons.

The full patch notes for update 9.30 can be found here.



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