Fortnite patch adds Hot Spots

Fortnite’s v9.10 patch is now live on all platforms, with Hot Spots being the standout addition.

Hot Spots are specifically selected areas on the map that will offer a plethora of loot. Each Hot Spotwhich will always be select named locationswill be marked in gold text on the map, and there will always be a minimum of one Hot Spot in every match with a 25% chance of there being 2 and a 5% chance of there being 3. When you go to one of these Hot Spots you will find plenty of loot and you will also notice Loot Carriers, floating loot boxes that contain all sorts of tasty goodies. There will be between 12 and 16 Loot Carriers at each Hot Spot (depending on the size of the location), and shooting one down will drop a Rare or higher quality weapon with two stacks of ammo.

Elsewhere in the patch, the Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle has been unvaulted to “round out the medium/long range item line-up” following the recent vaulting of both the Thermal Rifle and the Scoped Revolver. There are also changes to the availability of a couple of items, with Shadow Bombs and the Combat Shotgun both having their availability reduced. Epic say that the Combat Shotgun was dropping a bit too frequently compared to other items of similar rarity, but this change should bring it more in line. Shadow Bombs, meanwhile, are seeing a lot of late-game use, and Epic want to encourage some risk vs. reward aspect to picking the item up.

A number of limited time modes are also back in rotation; Sniper Shootout Duos is a Sniper Rifle only mode where downed players are eliminated instantly, Unvaulted Squads features a limited set of weapons made up entirely of items that are vaulted, and Close Encounters Squads features close quarters combat with shotguns and jetpacks.

There are also a number of bug fixes and performance improvements in the patch, and you can read the full patch notes here.



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