Fortnite patch adds an explosive bow and arrow

Fortnite’s v8.20 content update is now live on all platforms, and the standout change is the addition of a bow and arrow.

The bow and arrow is called the “Boom Bow”, and it fires arrows that have a Shotgun Shell tip that explodes on impact, so scoring a direct hit will deal both direct hit damage and explosion damage, which means 15 damage (2x headshot multiplier) and another 100 damage respectively. Because of the explosive Shotgun Shell tips, the bow will use Shotgun ammo, and the longer you hold the fire button down the faster the shot will go, up to a maximum of 1.6 seconds.

There’s also a new limited time mode available called Sniper Shootout, which quite obviously will see players doing battle with nothing more than Sniper Rifles, so get practicing your aim before trying out the mode. Sniper Rifles will be the only weapon drops available, and floor loot spawns are reduced by 50%. Reviving “Down But Not Out” teammates in Duos & Squads will also be deactivated.

Elsewhere in the updated there are also a number of bug fixes on the Arena side of things and some new additions to Creative. You can read the full patch notes here.



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