Fortnite is getting a Valentines Day-themed “Share the Love” event

Valentines Day is just around the corner and Epic are feeling all romantic. To celebrate the love-themed occasion, Fortnite will be getting a special “Share the Love” event. The event runs from February 8th until February 22nd, adding all kinds of challenges and rewards.

For a start, any players who support a Creator or enter a Creator Code between now and the end of the event will get the free Cuddle Hearts Wrap, which you’ll receive when the v7.40 update releases. When that v7.40 update releases, players will also be given access to new Overtime Challenges that can be completed to unlock 5 new rewards such as the Valentine Wrap and Vines Contrail. Those players who hold the Battle Pass will also be able to earn extra unlockable styles for the Trog, Powder, and Onesie outfits by completing the Overtime Challenges.

There will also be two double XP weekends to get involved in during the event which will help players to level up their Battle Pass before the end of Season 7. The double XP weekends will take place during the weekends of 15th-17th February and 22nd-24th February. There will also be a special “Share the Love” competitive series, with placement matches running across February 9th and 10th. Players who perform well during these placement matches will be placed directly into the higher divisions, with four divisions running simultaneously each day; from lowest to highest, these divisions are Open Division, Prospect Division, Contender Division, and Champion Division, and players can unlock the next division by earning a pin during a daily session. Players who earn a pin during a session in the Champion Division will gain access to the Champion Division Finals, which will take place between February 23rd and February 24th.

Finally, the event will also showcase a rotating set of featured islands, celebrating the games community creators. Known as “Featured Island Frenzy”, Epic will rotate a new set of islands into the game every day between February 12th and February 22nd.

And they say romance is dead.



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