For Honor’s third year content roadmap has been revealed

For Honor is one of those games that seems to get updated all the time and just keeps going, largely thanks to the loyal community behind it, and now Ubisoft has announced a third year of content updates.

There will be four big content updates in total, which will be themed around the Year of the Harbinger. These updates will include new maps, heroes and gameplay balancing, as well as seasonal events. These updates will be released roughly every quarter.

The first content update, ‘Vortiger’, will drop at the end of January (31st). In this update we’ll see a new ‘Knight’ hero and a new map added to the game. The full roadmap can be seen below:

You can purchase each new hero separately for 15,000 steel whichif you didn’t knowis For Honor’s in-game currency. Alternatively, you can purchase a year three season pass which will also give you a sweet 7 days early access to each hero.

For Honor is one of those games that seems to get a lot of love from the developers (Ubisoft), but you hardly ever see anyone playing it; when it first released there were plenty of players and streamers alike flocking to play a new breed of game, but the game struggled to keep up its momentum after a whole host of technical problems, mainly centered around server issues starting to cause havoc for gamers.

Since then, Ubisoft has put in a lot of work and has restored the game to a mostly bug free state. They also implemented dedicated servers, and during the games second year it hit the 15 million player mark. If Ubisoft carries on the way they are then they may be able draw players back to what is actually a really enjoyable game. That being said, my personal thoughts are that it’s a little too late.






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