Fire Emblem: Three Houses has been delayed until July 26th

As the title says, Fire Emblem: Three Houses has been delayed again. The games new release date is now July 26th 2019, so you’ll have to wait a little longer to get your hands on the much-anticipated tactical RPG. This announcement was made by Yoshiaki Koizumi himself during the Nintendo Direct live stream, where he said:

“The game was originally announced for spring, but more development time will be necessary,”

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the 16th title in the series and from what we’ve seen of it so far it looks like it’s set to be the best yet:

The Fire Emblem series hasn’t seen a console version since Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn was released on the Wii all the way back in 2007. Since then the series has lived entirely on the 3DS where it has seen almost annual releases. So as you can expect, there’s a lot of players eager to get their hands on Three Houses and, of course, nobody likes delays, but personally I would much rather it be delayed than see it released in a sub par state.

If you’re not familiar with the series, here’s a quick synopsis detailing exactly what you can expect to see in Three Houses: You will assume control of a mercenary who resides on the continent of Fodlan which is ruled by three kingdoms (hence the games title ‘Three Houses’). Fodlan and the three kingdoms have been living in peace ever since the great wars that spanned years ended, however, the peace is about to end.

Your job as the mercenary is to join one of the three houses, you will then lead and teach the students of the kingdom you choose. Nintendo have said you will have a big choice to make, which house will you choose to lead into battle?

Fire Emblem: Three Houses will launch on the Nintendo Switch on Friday 26th July 2019.



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