Dying Light: Bad Blood Battle Royale is Available Right Now on Steam

There’s no shortage of Battle Royale games these days. Ever since Fortnite became the phenomenon that it has, it seems like 1 in every 3 of new game releases come with some form of the hugely popular game mode. This is fine, as long as studios put their own spin on it instead of just re-skinning what’s already available, and that’s exactly what Techland have done with Dying Light: Bad Blood.

Bad Blood will pit 12 players against each other in a fight to the death. There’s no building mechanics here but there is a leveling system which is pretty cool; you can level up your character by killing AI controlled zombies around the map (similar to the original Dying Light) – the higher your level the more abilities you have, which essentially means you should be able to easily take on lower leveled players.

The mix of this type of levelling in a PvP game isn’t new; one huge game that comes to mind is League of Legends, the AI minions on that game—if you haven’t played it—provide gold which can be used to buy more powerful equipment. However, we haven’t seen it in a Battle Royale game yet and honestly we think it sounds brilliant, as occasionally I find, even in Fortnite, there’s some dull moments where not much happens, and this is even more prominent in PUBG. With AI controlled enemies also included in the mix, it adds another level of gameplay to keep you entertained, especially if killing them actually benefits you.

You can play the game now in early access but it will set you back £15.49 / $20. For this you will get some legendary cosmetic items including a mask and some weapon skins, you will also receive 1000 Blood Buck which is in game currency that you can use to purchase skins as well as other cosmetic items.

Techland have said that new features and cosmetic items will be released regularly during the early access period.







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