Dead Cells’ Rise of the Giant DLC is coming to Nintendo Switch

Dead Cells developer Motion Twin has confirmed that the games Rise of the Giant DLC will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on Thursday 23rd May.

The massive piece of free downloadable content for the popular rogue-like was first released for the PC version back in March, expanding the contents of the game for those who have poured hour after hour into it and ‘completed’ it. In the DLC’s description, Motion Twin explain how the new content is a thank you to players, saying:

“Since we began development on Dead Cells, many years ago now, we’ve been completely blown away by the amazing reaction of the community. Without your support and feedback we wouldn’t be where we are today. Rise of the Giant is our way of saying thank you. Here’s a free DLC with a bunch of new content, mostly aimed at the people who have been hanging around since day 1, it’s high level and should offer more challenge than most sane people would think reasonable.”

Specifically, the downloadable content adds two new levels to the game, one of which becomes available after finishing the game at least once, while the other will only become available once you’ve reached Boss Cell 5, which means beating the games final boss five times (it’s not as easy as it sounds). Speaking of bosses, the update also adds two new bosses, with one made available as part of the main level structure and a second, “INSANELY difficult boss hidden behind even more ridiculously difficult content”. Dead Cells is quite difficult, have you heard?

That’s not all though – there are also 10 new enemies (excluding the bosses), 10 new weapons, 3 new skills, and a “bunch of other upgrades to core game systems”. If you’re more bothered about character customisation than actual content, then the update also adds skins to the game, allowing you to customise your character with a choice of 50 skins that are acquired by picking up blueprints from fallen enemies. You’ll be able to change your character’s appearance in all manner of different ways, including making them a female or a Christmas tree. I kid you not.

There’s no word on when the update will be coming to the Xbox One or PS4 version of the game, but we’ll keep you updated when that information becomes available. I have to say, it’s lovely to see Switch players get first access to the DLC on consoles – they’re usually the ones who have to wait!

Dead Cells’ Rise of the Giant DLC will become available on Nintendo Switch on Thursday 23rd May.



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