DayZ Gets an Xbox ‘Preview’ Release Date

DayZ started life as a mod for the much loved game ‘Arma 2’ – however, it quickly found it’s own fan base and initially (at least) had a large and happy following. This popularity made it possible for Bohemia Interactive to release DayZ as a standalone game, which at first was met with mostly positive reviews considering it launched—as most games on steam do—in ‘early access’.

When we first played DayZ we loved it. However, it’s been stuck in early access on steam since 2013 and has since been plagued by hackers and bugs. We haven’t played it for about a year now so many of these issues may have been fixed, but when we stopped playing the game it was in a really bad state.

Because of this, it surprises us to say that there will be an Xbox One version of the game that will be released on August 29th on Xbox Game Preview.

Bohemia did say they were going to be releasing an Xbox version back in November, but we didn’t expect it to be for another year or so considering it’s taken them five years to get where they are now.

This is great news for the game, as we had assumed the developers just didn’t care about it anymore, but it seems we were wrong. It will be interesting to see how well the game is ported and how many of the bugs are still apparent when we check it out on the Xbox; going by the most recent Steam reviews it seems like the bugs are still present in the PC version, so they will most likely be on the Xbox too. It’s hard not to think that they should concentrate on polishing off the PC version and giving it a full release on that platform before trying to open it up to the Xbox community – maybe they are running out of money?

As well as the Xbox release the game will also finally be coming out of early access, but from what we gather it will be going into “beta phase”, meaning it still won’t be a full release. Let’s hope it doesn’t stay stuck in it’s new state for another five years.







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