Civilization 6 is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

2K Games, the developer behind the Civilization series (and yes the same company that wants us gamers to stick up for loot boxes), has confirmed that Civilization 6 will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch.

The Switch version of the game will include everything that is in the current PC build including the already released content packs (Vikings, Poland, Australia and Persia/Macedon).

We presume that this news was scheduled to be announced at Nintendo Direct which was delayed due to a powerful earthquake in Hokkaido, Japan. The delay hasn’t stopped some news from leaking however – we have just seen that Final Fantasy 15 will also be coming to the Switch in the form of a ‘Pocket Edition’. I loved this game so hopefully it’s a good port with not too much missing.

(PC Trailer below – Switch trailer still to be released)

2K Games are yet to submit an official press release, however there was a page regarding the Civilization 6 switch news on their blog – this has since been removed and the YouTube trailer for the game has also been set to ‘offline’. The game was also spotted on the Korean ratings board.

Clearly 2K and Nintendo didn’t want this news getting out just yet (sorry) and were instead saving it for Nintendo Direct but still, in a roundabout way it might actually increase the number of people tuning into the presentation, as the two pieces already leaked sound incredible. I wonder what else they have in store.






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