Bigfoot DLC is now live in Two Point Hospital

The first paid-for DLC for Two Point Hospital has just been released in the form of Bigfoot. The DLC will set you back £6.99 (currently on sale for £6.29) and will feature new hospitals set in a winter-themed area, complete with Christmas trees and decorations (how festive), new illnesses and a bunch of new items.

The new, snowy region of Two Point County will be home to a world famous celebrity Yeti, and it will feature unique illnesses that are only found here, such as Aurora Snorealis and Cold Shoulder (do you see what they’re doing here?). There are also 9 new visual illnesses. You can view the Bigfoot DLC trailer below:

I reviewed Two Point Hospital back when it was released and I loved it. However, once you finish the base game there’s no real reason to continue playing, so this DLC is a welcomed addition.

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