Anthem’s Halloween Event is live with Mass Effect Armor rewards

BioWare has jumped on the Halloween event bandwagon, releasing brand new content for its struggling loot shooter Anthem.

The event is titled the Season of Skulls, and will offer players unique rewards and challenges for its duration. As well as these rewards, the maps has been changed slightly from the Cataclysm, now featuring a strange fog that’s “luring deadly enemies out of the shadows”.

“The Cataclysm may have been silenced, but the world of Anthem is still rife with dangers and horrors unknown. As a thick and ominous fog gathers among the trees and strange sounds echo in the distance, the people of Bastion gather together to rise up against the darkness with determination, defiance, and celebration. Fort Tarsis stands proud with towering bonfires, colorful banners, and the bones of its vanquished foes – a bastion of security amid the chaos. The Season of Skulls marks a change from the grim necessity of survival to the celebration of life and courage in the face of darkness. Are you ready to face your fears, Freelancer?”

To start the event you will need to select the Season of Skulls option in the game modes menu. From here you will be taken to arenas filled with enemies that you must take care of in order to climb the season’s leaderboard. There are no level requirements to enjoy the Season of Skulls content, although you will have to have completed the incursion story to gain access to the Echoes of Reality level.

Just like with Anthems previous event, modifiers will be applied throughout the event to change how you tackle the arenas. These modifiers won’t directly impact the score you post, but will, in most cases, make the gameplay experience more challenging.

Mini season events will also take place in the games Freeplay mode. Here you can encounter challenging new Anomalies which when completed summon a weekly boss which when defeated will offer some of the best rewards available from the Season of Skulls. Rewards are also earned by collecting Crystals. These can then be used to purchase War Chests and items at Herschel’s Hut. These rewards will update weekly, so make sure you check out what can be earned throughout the whole of the event.

The rewards on offer for this event are actually impressive, especially if you’re a Mass Effect fan. Mass Effect themed armor sets have been added to the game and they look fantastic. Check them out below:

New armor sets based on the enemies of Anthem have also been included as rewards, as well as increased Legendary drop rates, a Legendary-only War Chest, and new data archives.

The Season of Skulls event is live now for Anthem on all platforms.



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