Anthem’s Day One update has been detailed

Anthem releases this Friday (22nd February) but subscribers to EA Access and Origin Access are already playing the game thanks to EA’s ridiculous release schedule.

But if there’s one good thing that this “pay us more for early access” approach has done, it’s throw up a number of issues with the game that needed fixing before launch day. Thankfully then, a Day One patch will be released for Anthem on Friday, giving players who simply pre-ordered for release day a much more enjoyable experience.

There are an absolute mound of improvements listed in the patch notes over on Reddit, but the “high level fixes” include improved loading times (long loading times are one thing that players have been really frustrated by), fixes to infinite loading screens, fixes to challenge tracking, and fixes for a number of issues that were causing disconnects and crashes. Picking some more improvements out from further through the notes, the gather party mechanic has been made more lenient in certain situations, and challenges will now unlock for players at the correct levels. There are also numerous fixes for bugs that were occurring during missions, with issues that were halting progress in “What Freelancers Do” and “Bad Deal” both being fixed.

Numerous issues with Strongholds have also been addressed, including issues with players getting stuck in Temple of Scar and problems with players spawning into different areas in Tyrant Mine. An issue that was causing a Stronghold server crash after defeating the last boss has also been fixed. There are also numerous changes to gear, weapons, and Javelins, including an exploit that was allowing players to use the Storm’s ultimate attack more times than intended.

As I said, there are an absolute load more bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements included in the patch that I haven’t listed here, so players who jump into the game on Friday can expect a much more polished, less frustrating experience (hopefully). We’ll be jumping into the world of Anthem ourselves on Friday, so keep an eye out for our review.

Anthem launches on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on Friday 22nd February.



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