Anthem will have its own social hub

With just a few weeks to go until release we’re still finding out new things about Anthem. For example, we now know that Anthem will feature its very own social hub known as the Launch Bay.

The Launch Bay is a social hub that will allow up to 16 players to hang out, take on new contracts, show off their mech suits, and emote at each other to their hearts content. Essentially, the Launch Bay will be Anthem’s answer to The Tower from Destiny, which allows players to take part in similar activities.

The news of the Launch Bay’s inclusion was announced by Lead Producer Michael Gamble on Twitter:

Originally, it was thought that players would only be able to head back to Fort Tarsis to regroup and chill out between activities, but Fort Tarsis is a single-player personal hub, and that sounds a bit, well, too lonely for a game that focuses on multiplayer gameplay, so I’m delighted to hear that the Launch Bay will be included.

The Launch Bay will be available in Anthem straight from launch, but it will not feature in the upcoming demos for the game. The first of those demos runs from 5pm (GMT) on Friday 25th January until an unspecified time on Sunday for anybody who has pre-ordered the game or subscribes to Origin Access or EA Access, while an open demo that is available to all players will take place from February 1st February at 5pm (GMT) until an unspecified time on Sunday 3rd February.

Anthem launches for PC, Xbox One and PS4 on Friday 22nd February 2019.



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