Anthem Single Player Footage Showcased

BioWare have just released the latest trailer for their upcoming title Anthem, and with it a preview of the games single-player campaign. The footage showcased your home base of Fort Tarsis, a hub that players will return to after completing missions and interact with the games cast of NPCs.

Unlike BioWare’s mammoth franchises Mass Effect and Dragon Age, Anthem is set to be vastly different. In the upcoming game, players won’t have the traditional companions by their side as they will embark on missions alone. We for one welcome this change, even if it’s caused divided opinion amongst fans. The preview gave us a glimpse of the game’s cast of NPCs and how players will interact with them – unsurprisingly, certain actions will change the way these characters interact with you throughout your journey through Anthem.

BioWare hopes to create a “living community” in Fort Tarsis, similar to what we’ve seen in games like Destiny and The Division to name but a few. In this community, BioWare will encourage players to develop relationships with each others characters.

Anthem is a game that seems to be progressing with a lot less ‘noise’ than previous BioWare titles and we’re not quite sure why. It has continued to impress us throughout its development and is a game that we look forward to covering on its February 22 release for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Watch the trailer below.
Ricky spent most of his childhood playing games, mainly FPS and RPG games and this has continued into his adult life. You’ll regularly see him on Overwatch until he rages, then he'll move on to FIFA until he rages again - then he gives up on multiplayer games and chills out with a single player adventure.

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