All activities in Anthem will have matchmaking

Solo players rejoice, Anthem is going to have matchmaking support for all activities.

This information comes from Lead Producer Ben Irving over on Twitter, who dropped the news in answering a fan question. Check out the Tweet below:

This will be welcome news to players as it doesn’t restrict you to only being able to do your desired activity when you have a group of buddies online to do it with. Players have found frustration in a lack of matchmaking in games such as Destiny which didn’t allow matchmaking for end game content at launch, which made it almost impossible for solo players to experience the content without taking to resources like forums to find a group to do it with. Games like Anthem and Destiny often don’t lend themselves well to solo players, but adding matchmaking to every activity will make Anthem much more accessible to those of us who choose to play alone (or have no friends).

That said, not much is known about the activities that will be available in Anthem yet, other than Free Play mode and Strongholds, which are Anthem’s version of dungeons. Disappointingly, we do know that Anthem will not have any raids at launch, and they seemingly don’t have any planned for now, which leaves me slightly worried about Anthem’s end game. BioWare has said, however, that players will have “aspirational content” to chase at launch.

Anthem launches on February 22nd 2019 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.



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