The best team comps in Teamfight Tactics (TFT) tiered

Below are the best team builds currently in the game (in my opinion). However, although these might be the most powerful comps, it’s important to not get too obsessed with building them. Sometimes it’s not possible to complete a build due to not being able to get the champions you need, so if a champion isn’t falling for you then you need to know how to improvise. If you’re new to the game then be sure to check out my Teamfight Tactics (TFT) beginner tips guide where I explain why religiously sticking to a build isn’t always the best option.

Top 3 Builds

These three builds are the builds I’ve had the most wins with. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best compositions in the game and every composition can be countered, so one tip is to learn the most used compositions so you can learn how to counter them. For example, the ranger build below is weak against assassin builds.

For any of these builds to work you need to make sure you have the right items on the right champions. As a general rule of thumb Rangers and Gunslingers require attack speed and damage items, Knights, Guardians and Brawlers need tank items which increase armor and health, and magic champions (Shapeshifter, Sorcerer, Elementalists) require mana and attack speed items. A full items guide will be released on the website shortly so be sure to check back soon.

Ranger, Guardian, Knight, Noble Glacial

This build is my favourite build in the game and the majority of my wins have come from using it. However, it can be weak against Assassin builds especially if you haven’t got lucky with item drops. You should focus on getting at least one tank and ranger (usually Vayne) to tier 3.

Some people prefer to stack Varus with items and make him the main damage dealer due to his ultimate ability being really powerful, however I personally prefer to stack Vayne as although she doesn’t have an ultimate attack she does more DPS (minus Varus’s ultimate). I’ve found that this works a lot better for me as occasionally Varus can perform his ult really poorly. You’ll most likely get enough items to also stack Varus a little, for Varus you should focus on mana building items so he can use his ultimate more often.

Main carries (where to focus items): Vayne, Varus, Ashe, Kindered

Elementalist + Sorcerer + Wild + Yordle

This Wild build is pretty easy to build. The main focus here should be getting your Warwick to tier three as he will be your main tank, but if you haven’t made good progress in getting your Warwick to tier three by the mid game then you might want to consider changing build. Lulu is another important champion here as she will add even more sustain to Warwick, so make sure you keep her safe (at the back but not the furthest away so she avoids a Blitz grab).

Main carries (where to focus items): Brand, Ahri, Veigar

Wild + Sorcerer + Dragon + Yordle

Again another Wild build, but this time we are replacing the Elementalists for Dragons. This build is probably more powerful than the previous Wild build, however it’s easier to pull off as with this build you’re relying on getting four 3G+ champions rather than just three, which makes it more difficult to get them all to tier 2 or three, so gold income is super important if you’re trying to build this.

If you’re lucky enough to get 9 champions on the board, try to add another Brawler such as Cho’Gath so you can get the +300 health bonus from having 2 brawlers on the field (including Warwick).

Main carries (where to focus items): Aurelion Sol, Ahri, Gnar (your main damage dealer will most likely be Aurelion Sol)

More builds that can win games

I’ve also won games with the below comps. Although they are not as strong at end game (if you manage to build the full team and get the right items) they are still more than capable of winning games.

Noble, Glacial, Ranger

This build is very similar to the ranger build at the top of this guide, but instead of gaining the Phantom buff you’re gaining the Noble buff which in my opinion isn’t as powerful, especially if the Phantom buff (which reduces an enemy champion to 100 health upon round start) targets a powerful champion such as their main tank or damage dealer. You also lose the Guardian buff, but the Noble buff is much better than that. Generally I would aim to build the first Ranger deck, but if you don’t get the key champion drops (Varus and Braum for example) then switch to this build.

Main carries (where to focus items): Ashe or Lucian will be your main carries unless you manage to get a tier 2 or 3 Kayle. Lucian is arguably stronger than Ashe, so focus him early on.

Demon, Elementalist

This is one of the most frustrating builds to play against which also makes it one of the most fun, as you know the other players are raging. There’s nothing worse than your champions not getting their ultimate abilities off and this is especially true for Shapeshifters, so this is a good counter build to the Wild/Dragon build I mentioned earlier, as Demons will have a 60% chance to mana burn.

The main downside to this build is that it starts off pretty weak; Elise and Lissandra get slaughtered until they reach rank two but once you start filling out the team and have enough Elementalists to summon the Golem things start to get a bit easier.

Main carries (where to focus items): Varus

Six Sorcerers

This is another fun build, and once you’ve got six Sorcerers in your team you start dealing some impressive damage thanks to the Sorcerer buff (Sorcerers gain double mana from attacking. +100% Spell Damage). This build also gains a buff from having two Knights (Knights Ignore 15 Damage from all sources) and three Yordles (30% chance to dodge an attack as a Yordle).

Since you’re not getting the Void, Wild or Demon buffs, you are able to swap out Kassadin, Ahri or Morgana for any other Sorcerer (Twisted Fate or Karthus), so if you’re not getting the Ahri drops but you’re seeing a lot of Twisted Fate’s then buy him instead, for example.

Main carries (where to focus items): Various champions can carry this build so have a play around to see what works best for you (usually depends on the item drops). The main carries would be Veigar, Aurelion Sol or Lulu.

So, they are what I think are the best builds in Teamfight Tactics right now. What do you think? Have a better build? Let me know in the comments so I can try it out!






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