Luigi’s Mansion 3 – 1F gem locations and how to get them

There are six collectible gems on each floor in Luigi’s Mansion 3. In this guide, I’ll show you where to find all six gems on the 1F floor and tell you how to get your hands on them. You’ll need to unlock certain abilities before you’ll be able to collect some of these gems, so you may have to come back later on in the game.

Please note that some of the gems will appear clear rather than coloured in the screenshots seen below, this is because I had already collected them during my playthrough before creating this guide.

Gem #1 – Lobby

You’ll find the Green Gem as soon as you enter floor 1F, whether via the elevator or the stairwell. Look at the vase directly to the right of the elevator and you’ll see the gem in the plant. Use a Suction Shot on the vase to smash it and release the gem.

Gem #2 – Lobby

The next gem is just a few steps away from where you just found the first one. Just to the left of the elevator as you’re about to reach the central part of the lobby, you’ll see a picture on the wall. Perform a Suction Shot on the table beneath it and the picture will open and throw the Red Gem out at you.

Gem #3 – Lobby

Once you make it to the central part of the lobby, use a Suction Shot to break the easel. This will reveal two pressure plates at either side of the foyer. Stand on one with Luigi and stand on the other with Gooigi, this will cause the chandelier to lower from the ceiling. Use your vacuum on it with both Luigi and Gooigi and the Yellow Gem will fall out of it, along with a whole bunch of coins.

Gem #4 – Lobby

Use a Burst (ZL + ZR) on the counter between the staircases to get behind the desk. Then use your Strobulb on the green light and the back counter will open up, revealing the purple gem.

Gem #5 – Lobby

Now head to the left hand side of the lobby and shine your Dark Light underneath the upper window. A couch will appear along with a Ghost. Defeat the Ghost and you’ll earn yourself the Clear Gem.

Gem #6 – Lobby

Just to the right of the window where you grabbed the last gem, you’ll see the Blue Gem above the desk. To get it, head to the top of the staircase and follow it around to the left. Head to the end of the balcony so that you’re just above the gem and use your vacuum to pull the carpet back and reveal a grate. Use Gooigi to slip through the gate, walk towards the gem and perform a Burst to knock the gem down into the lobby. Now head back down the staircase and grab your prize.

And that’s it! Congratulations, you collected all six gems.



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