Civilization VI is free-to-play for the next 24 hours

Quick! Read, click, and play! Sid Meier’s 2016 empire-building strategy game Civilization VI is currently free-to-play on Steam until 6pm GMT on Thursday 14th February.

Conveniently, that’s the same date that the games latest expansion, Gathering Storm, releases. The expansion will focus on climate change and global warming. When we announced news of the expansion, Glen said:

“In Gathering Storm, players will have to be mindful of potential environmental hazards when decision making. Do you benefit from the fertility that a volcano brings to an area? Or does the risk of eruption loom too heavy on your mind? Other major weather events will include blizzards, floods and droughts, which are all brought into effect with the new climate change mechanic. A new climate screen has also been added to the game and will offer a weather type report for players to view. The report will feature information such as C02 emissions and provide information on how pollution is affecting the climate

Gathering Storm looks set to include 8 new civilizations, along with 9 new leaders for players to play as. This is the same amount of both civilizations and leaders as in the previous expansion, Rise and Fall.”

This period of free play has quite clearly been designed to try and attract players into buying the full game, the prior expansion (Rise and Fall) and the new Gathering Storm expansion. If you’re even slightly interested then check it out – I mean, it’s free, you have nothing to lose.

If the free trial does peak your interest then the full game is also on special offer, with a 70% reduction until Monday 18th February, meaning you can pick up the base game for just £14.99. If you want to grab the Rise and Fall expansion too then that is also on offer until Monday 18th February; you can grab that for £16.24, which represents a 35% reduction.

If, after all of that, this marketing strategy has worked and you end up buying the Gathering Storm expansion, then that will set you back £34.99.



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